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10.4 Interfaces

Interfaces describe the interaction between two components: the events (or messages) that can and cannot be communicated, i.e., the interaction protocol.

interface ::= "interface" identifier "{" types-and-events behavior "}"
          ::= (type | event)*
behavior  ::= "behavior" "{" behavior-statement* "}"

Each event has a direction specified by the in or out keywords. An event labeled with in (in-event) is received by the implementation providing the interface. Conversely, an event labeled with out (out-event) is emitted by the implementation providing the interface. Note that from the point of view of an implementation requiring an interface the interpretation of in and out is inverted.

The interface protocol is specified in the behavior section.

$include <string>;$
interface ihello
  enum result {FALSE,TRUE,ERROR};
  extern string $std::string$;
  in result hello (string greeting);
  out void world ();
  behavior { … }